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Photo Book Custom Travel Map | Solo Country

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This item is a digital photo book travel map that you can insert into any photo book editor as a JPEG full page file.

Up to 10 locations are included, you can request more for a surcharge. Your locations will be connected in the order you list them unless you choose not to have a path. 

The Solo Country style features a minimalist map base without any labels or topography. Only your listed locations will be pinned. The land colour is changeable in the editor. Please note, this map can only be used for location within one country

After purchase (3-5 working days), you will receive a link to a map in the style shown on the product photos with your listed locations and travel path. You can add titles, subtitles, you can change the map background colour, location text/style and you can add flags, travel icons, photos and illustrations to your map. 

If most of your locations are very far from the departure point, you will receive a second (pop up) map showing the long distance leg of your journey or you can omit your departure point.

Watch the editing tutorials here:

This product is designed manually. Once the product is created for you, there are no refunds. Please use one of our sample maps to trial the editor and see which features are editable. 

Processing Times: around 3-5 working days