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Photo Book Custom City Map - Style 5 | Marker Light

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This item is a digital photo book city map that you can insert into any photo book editor as a JPEG file.

Up to 20 locations are included, you can request more for a surcharge. All locations must be in the same city. This map is not suitable for multi-city travel. It's available for any city, town, village or small island. 

This map style is minimalist line art and does not include any labels apart from the locations you list. Roads and water elements are white. The colour of land sections can be changed to any colour. Location markers will be in a white box with shadows. The marker positions are not editable but the box style is. 

After purchase, you will receive a link to a map in the style shown on the product photos with your listed locations. You can add titles, subtitles and you can change the map colour.

You will need a FREE Marq account to edit the map. When you are finished with your edits, let us know and we will generate a print ready high res file. 

Watch the editing tutorials here:

Processing Times: around 3-5 working days