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Minimalist Custom Travel Map | Photo Book [Digital]

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Fully personalised travel maps for photo books including travel path, titles, flags & travel icons on a minimalist mono map.

The Minimalist style features sans serif, minimalist fonts. The map is a plain solid colour without roads or topography. Only your listed locations, flags and travel path will be visible on the map. The land sections are white and the water sections are in colour. You can highlights your visited countries with a darker shade.

  1. Enter your photo book specs: Size and Orientation
  2. Choose Colour
  3. Enter a Map Title & Travel Date [optional]
  4. Choose the number of locations [10 included in the price]. Up to 30.
  5. Enter your locations, one per line
  6. Select Yes/No for flags
  7. Select Yes/No for Travel Path

Digital JPEG (300dpi) delivery for any size photo book up to 16×12″
Up to 3 reviews