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Itinerary Timeline Design | Minimalist - Style 1

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This item is a digital photo book design that you can insert into any photo book editor as a JPEG file.

The itinerary page will be formatted to your photo book size specifications and timeline element requests. Please note, you can not change the photo book size after purchase. Although you can add timeline elements in the editor, it's best to decide on the number of elements before purchase as it can be a bit complicated to add more elements. 

The page design will include text fields for titles, subtitles and for each timeline element you will have 3 fields (title, subtitle/date and story). You can insert photos into the placeholders but feel free to get creative and add travel icons, flags and more photos. 

Up to 5 timeline elements will be placed onto 1 page, if you need more than 5 timeline elements, they will be spread across 2 pages for a cleaner look. 


You will need a FREE Marq account to edit the design. When you are finished with your edits, let us know and we will generate and email a print ready file. 

Processing Times: around 2-3 working days