What are photo book travel maps?

These maps are single page designs that you can insert into your photo book to showcase your travel destinations. They are fully customisable and feature a map base, locations, a travel path, titles and embellishments such as travel icons or flags. We partnered with Marq for a more interactive editing experience. A few things have changed, make sure to read the details below.

  • Extra Maps

    • It's hard to imagine how a map will look as the distance between the locations can make a map very crowded. For this reason, we separate long and short distance travel.
    • If your starting (departure) point is very far from your main locations, that is the long distance leg of your journey. For example, if you travel from Copenhagen to South Africa, your locations in Africa will be very close to each other but the starting point (Copenhagen) will be very far.
    • Showing all these on one map will make the Africa locations tiny and hardly visible. In this case, we will add a smaller pop up map that shows your long distance travel. You can also omit your starting point (Copenhagen) and have just your destinations (South Africa) on the map.
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Please watch these tutorials before editing your map unless you are used to photo book/design editors.

How to order a Photo Book Travel Map?

How to Change Map Colours?

How to Change Text Styles?

How to add Travel Icons & Flags?