What are photo book travel maps?

These maps are 1 or 2 page desgins that you can insert into your photo book to showcase your travel destinations. They are fully customisable and feature a map base, locations, a travel path, titles and embellishments such as travel icons or flags. We partnered with Marq for a more interactive editing experience. A few things have changed, make sure to read the details below.

  • Each map contains the following elements:

    1. Map Base: you can change the colours at any time but you can't change the zoom or locations after purchase.

    2. Locations: You can change the font, style and size of the text at any time in the editor but you can't add or remove locations after purchase.

    3. Travel path: not editable but you have the option to include it or omit it.

    4. Titles: a main map title, subtitle and story/description. All of these are editable, content and style too.

    5. Embellishements: you can add travel icons onto your path, flags next to locations or other icons appropriate for your map.

Long and Short distance travel

It's hard to imagine how a map will look as the distance between the locations can make a map very crowded. For this reason, we separate long and short distance travel.

If your starting (departure) point is very far from your main locations, that is the long distance leg of your journey. For example, if you travel from New York to Italy, your locations in Italy will be very close to each other but the starting point (New York) will be very far. Showing all these on one map will make the Italy locations tiny and hardly visible. In this case you have two options:

  • Long distance travel shown on a separate map

    If you choose this option, you will receive two maps, one showing long distance travel (right page on the example), and one showing short distance (left page on the example). Each map will be on a separate page. The pop out maps offered in the past are not available anymore. If you wish, you can insert these maps into your photo book as a smaller photo instead of a full page.

  • Long distance leg omitted

    If you choose this option, the departure point will not be shown on the map, only the visited locations, which are closer to each other - as shown on the left page of the below spread.

How it works?

1. Select a style
You can change the colours and text styles later too but it gives you a starting point. Also, if you are happy with one of our standard styles, you won't need to change anything in the editor.

2. Fill in the order form correctly. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO CHANGE THESE AFTER PURCHASE!
Enter your photo book size/orientation and your locations.

3. You will receive a Google Map preview to confirm your locations and path was pinned correctly. After approval, you will receive a link to edit your map.

4. You will need to create a FREE Marq account to edit the map. Please watch the tutorials to find your way in the editor.

5. When you are happy with your map, let us know and we'll generate a print ready JPEG file for you that you can insert into your photo book!

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Please watch these tutorials before editing your map unless you are used to photo book/design editors.

How to order a Photo Book Travel Map?

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