What are photo book itinerary (info) pages?

As the name says, itinerary pages are like a table of contents for your travels. They are a great way to showcase the different places you visited at the start of your photo book, highlight experiences and insert your favourite photos. You can bundle them with a travel map for the ultimate experience!

  • Each itinerary page contains the following elements:

    1. Title/Subtitles

    2. Timeline elements: mininimum 3 - maximum 10. Each timeline element can be customised with titles, dates and a short story.

    3. Photos

Itinerary page + Travel Map Bundle

This bundle allows you to show your visited locations on a matching travel map. To read more about travel maps, click here. The desing will usually have the itinerary page on the left side and the map on the right side, however, depending on the map, sometimes this can be slightly different for aesthetic reasons.

How it works?

1. Select a style
You can change the colours and text styles later too but it gives you a starting point. Also, if you are happy with one of our standard styles, you won't need to change anything in the editor.

2. Fill in the order form correctly. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO CHANGE THESE AFTER PURCHASE!

3. You will receive a link to the editor where you can edit your design.

4. You will need to create a FREE Marq account to edit the design. Please watch the tutorials to find your way in the editor.

5. When you are happy with your map, let us know and we'll generate a print ready JPEG file for you that you can insert into your photo book!

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Please watch these tutorials before editing your map unless you are used to photo book/design editors.

How to order a Photo Book Travel Map?

How to Change Map Colours?

How to Change Text Styles?

How to add Travel Icons & Flags?