What are photo book city maps?

These stylish maps are great to showcase visited locations within one city, town or village. They can be used not just for photo books but for tourist maps, book publications and heritage maps too.

  • Each map contains the following elements:

    1. Map Base

    2. Locations

    3. Titles and Subtitles

    You can add your own photos or use our clipart library to add travel icons, flags and illustrations.

    Please check each individual map style to see what you can edit and what is fixed.


Pick a style

Select a style. Make sure to read all the provided information about what you can and can't change in our editor.

Fill in the order form

Select your photo book size from the dropdown menu. Fill in your locations. Please note, you can't change these after purchase.


Submit your order.

Edit your map

After purchase, you will receive a link to your map in 3-5 working days. You can edit the map in our dedicated editor.

Download Map

When you're finished editing, email us and we'll send you the high res JPEG map within one working day.

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Please watch these tutorials before editing your map unless you are used to photo book/design editors.